Land Trust, Inc. Investments

Land Trust Inc. we have been financing homes since 1988

We specialize in financing homes with people who have credit issues. We act as bridge loan to help people to establish their credit and give them a chance at home ownership.

We get big down payments and we negotiate the property and make sure they are equitable buys.

This ensure that we or in a secure position. The instrument we used is a triple net lease with an option to buy.  This protect us in case we have any problems, we can get the people out the house quickly. But our gold is not to take the house back but to help them to get refinance.

75% of people have credit issues in the country and home values or at a all time low.
So we feel that private financing is the wave of the future.

What we offer to our investors.

Three year CD pay less than 2%
Land Trust Inc. on a three year loan will pay 5% from $50,000 to $250,000.
Land Trust Inc. on a three year loan will pay 6% from $250,000 and up.
Land Trust Inc. will paid the interest for the year up front who else does that

How Secure is your money.

Land Trust Inc. did not need a bail out from the goverment
Since 1988 we been borrowing money from banks and investors and never paid a note late

And always handle our obligations and never have had any short comings.

Land Trust Inc. will put a mortgage in your name on properties we purchase with your moneyif you feel the need.